Grand Turk Cottage



Grand Turks the capital of Turks and Caicos has some of the most unique little wooden cottages
Kenton Wyatt a well-known Guyanese artist while living and working in the Turks and Caicos as an artist, was attracted to this front street cottage and made it the subject of his watercolour painting on paper.

Grand Turk is a perfect cruise ship destination. You’ll find a small tropical island with a great selection of water sports, interesting historical sights, and best of all, exquisite beaches.

The Turks and Caicos feature a beautiful marine environment, and it’s no wonder that many of the island’s top activities happen on or in the ocean. There’s lounging on the beach, scuba diving, snorkelling, boat charters, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, fishing, and whale watching.

Another great way to spend your day on Grand Turk is simply to rent a car or scooter and explore the island at your own pace. Take in the historical ambiance, visit a secluded beach, and simply have fun driving in a British Overseas Territory (we drive on the left!). With a rental vehicle, it’s convenient to see the island’s historical sights and the National Museum, attractions which represent epochs including the pre-Columbian Tainos, the Age of Discovery, the Victorian-era, the U.S. Space Race, and more. The museum is likewise a perfect place to get tourism information and island gossip!


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