About The Artist

Kenton ‘Drumman’ Wyatt is a Guyanese-born Canadian-based Music Educator – Folklorist – Musician – Visual Artist – Songwriter, and Producer. His nickname ‘Drum-Man’ derives from the fact that he makes and plays a variety of drums, retelling Anansi and other African folk tales for international audiences in North America and throughout the Caribbean. His lifelong passion for the Fine Arts harks back to his boyhood days on the Essequibo Coast and in Agricola Village, East Bank Demerara in Guyana, where he honed his multi-faceted auto-didactic creative skills including practicing the sophisticated art of drawing, painting, handicraft, and drum-making.

As a musician, Kenton plays a suite of instruments: clarinet, flute, saxophone, guitar, a range of percussion instruments of Indigenous Peoples’ and African origins; and last, but quite importantly, the Caribbean steel pan. His i-tunes release Cathedral of The Rainforest showcases the creative versatility of this one-of-a-kind artist in the mode of composer-musician, roots-man!
As a Fine Artist, Kenton paints in many mediums in the style of the masters. He has held many exhibitions of his works as a participant in many prestigious group shows and one-person shows in his native country Guyana and other parts of the Caribbean. Kenton won several awards for his work, especially his drawings, which have made him a household name in Guyana. His Artwork can be seen hanging in many prestigious venues in Guyana and the Caribbean, Including the Catellani House Guyana’s National Art Gallary, Which also holds the national collection. Kenton Presently Resides in Ontario, Canada, where he has his own studio and is also an Elementary School teacher with the TDSB.
Kenton Drumman Wyatt is truly representative of the Caribbean Fine Arts, His love for Nature and the natural environment is evident in his art and music. His compositions in every sphere of Fine Arts demonstrate his love and dedication to diversity and culturalism.
Everyone who happens to cross paths with Kenton Drumman Wyatt in whatever capacity leaves with a sense of extreme enrichment.

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