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fixed price projects

fixed price projects

Pen & Ink Drawings

This is also a familiar art medium where you use a pen for outlining and adding light and shade to create form and texture. You can choose between different types of pens, like graphic pens, fountain pens, or drafting pens, depending on what you want to do with it. Ink is a powerful but unforgiving art medium, so you really need to master ink drawing skills before you start creating with it. What makes pen and ink artworks so expressive is the ratio of the blank spaces and the ink-filled spaces on paper using mainly lines.

Water Colours

Using watercolour paint as an art medium can be challenging for beginners in the art world. Many artists love watercolours because of their seemingly endless colour palette. Once you apply these on paper, there is little you can do to change the result. However, watercolours add a translucent quality to paintings and are ideal for capturing changing light. There are many different watercolour techniques However the most popular one seems to be what has come to be known as the “watercolour wash ” it is a transparent technique whereby the artist uses the white of the paper to represent varying intensity of light on the subject.


Regarding drying times, acrylic paints dry fast, as opposed to oil painting, and once they dry, they become water-resistant. However, you can dissolve acrylic paint with water before you apply it on canvas to achieve the effect of gouache or watercolours. Painting with acrylic allows artists to add layers or textures to their artwork, enhancing glossiness and giving it depth. Or they can add water to achieve a matte effect in their paintings.

Mixed Medium

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