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Customer reviews

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Josh, USA

“I love the prints! Awesome quality and very quick and easy download..”

Anna, USA

“I just love the quality of these prints. Thanks!

A wooden cottage in The Turks and Caicos Islands Watermark will be removed on purchase

Featured Artwork: Grand Turk Cottage

While living and working in the Turks and Caicos I was attracted to its unique architecture. Many of the smaller residential properties built of wood were an expression of the country’s colonial past. This little wooden cottage is in Grand Turk the capital of the Islands and might be over 100 years old at the time this picture was painted.

As an artist, I felt that history would certainly not forgive me if I were to ignore the majesty of the quaint little mansion. It was certainly a pleasure rendering this historic relic in watercolour on paper. My understanding is that there are few if any of these architectural preserves existing today due to natural disasters and natural wear over the years. I feel honoured to have captured this piece of history when I did.

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