Is your hotel art really important?

As the trends Art Tourism and Hospitality Art became more and more popular than ever, a debate has been brewing in the global hotel and tourism industry. Is hotel art necessary for higher revenue and better guest experience? Hotel operators, art suppliers, and hotel owners each has their own piece and stand regarding the issue.

Many cases can prove that today that art is being used as an effective marketing strategy—not only in the hospitality sector, but also across other industries. Despite this day’s advancement in technology, one of the best and effective marketing strategies is undeniably the basic one: word of mouth. People always talk and most often than not, what they talk about sells. Hotels with interesting art displays, thought-provoking pieces and controversial works will always be talked about. Intrigue and curiosity is one method of driving people to your property’s doorstep. At the same time, magnificent, jaw dropping collections are also the talk of the town.

Today, more than ever, guests from all over the world are fueled by intrigue, and the desire to experience as much as they can. This phenomenon is very much common to the newest breed of travelers, the Millenials. A decade and a few years after the new millennium, the tourism and hospitality industry have become witness of the rise of the newest breed of tourists and travelers alike, who are slowly dominating the globetrotting population. ‘Millenials’, as they are collectively called are individuals who are described as attention-seekers, modern and those who crave for learning while they travel. . By 2020, it’s projected that half of the money spent in the travel sector will come out of the pockets of millennials. Indeed, in the coming years, this age group will be shaping the tourism industry over the next decade.

Fortunately, one of the newest and booming trends in hospitality and tourism arts quench their thirst.

When hotels with art collections are being talked about and art did its part as a marketing strategy, an economic boost is next. Hospitality art builds the economy at the local level, enhances surrounding non-arts businesses, and provides job opportunities and ways for individuals to participate in activities associated with the arts and cultural events. In the previous years, hotels across the world have started to adopt the newest trend in the industry. Today, art is no longer merely for the pleasure of the eyes as mere decorations, but hotels now double the function of their space as collectors of artworks from all kinds of artists.

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